Smart Ways to Use your Smartphone in Business

Feb 8

smartphoneJust about everyone is now using a smartphone or mobile phone, and over the years, smartphones are getting significantly “smarter”. We are living in a technology obsessed society and just keeping up with the latest gadgets and innovations is challenging, to say the least.

This technology revolution is here to stay and in order to continue making an impact or reach your audience on a wider scale,  your only option is to discover how new technology can positively impact your business and you have to embrace it.


Here are some tips that will help you get ahead with smartphones:

Stay connected to Social Media – Establishing a strong social media presence is important to connect with customers, other businesses, and fans. You have a social networking presence in the palm of your hand with a smartphone and this direct engagement can help alleviate feelings of disconnect with your audience. Social media is a free (or an inexpensive way) to release information and you can quickly make a change to it wherever you are.

Create a Mobile friendly website – Instead of hauling around a laptop or finding a computer to use when you’re out of the office, a smartphone is a handy way to get immediate access online. Create a comfortable and viable mobile-friendly website that is accessible on all devices. You can incorporate text message advertising, mobile coupons, event invitations, special promotions, or alerts to promote your business.

Use them for presentations – You can create a presentation on a computer, then transfer it to your smartphone. The content can then be displayed through a PowerPoint presentation on a bigger display. Set a timer for your presentation that runs on your smartphone so you’re fully aware of the duration. Your smartphone can also act as a remote to play or pause videos.

Contacts at your fingertips – Whether it’s via text, phone call, email or social media, you can connect with others instantly. Face-to-face communication is resurging with FaceTime, Google Talk and Skype, so you can promote or discuss business anywhere at any time.

Get answers immediately – With internet access on our smartphones, you can pull up information immediately. Never get into a situation where you are stuck for an answer. Smartphones allow us to check on company information instantly, or get immediate solutions to questions. Use them to your advantage with your business, as you can source any information from the palm of your hand.

As more and more people gain access to online information across the world, technology will continue to greatly advance. For those of us who rely on an online presence to build exposure to our products or services, it’s that much more important to use every tool at our disposal. The presentation of information on a smartphone and how we access it day-to-day may shift in the future, as new innovations are being introduced faster than we can adapt to them. But the fact remains: we will continue seeking information as fast as our technology allows us.

Are you making the most of smartphone technology to optimize your business? Contact us to get ideas on how your business can take advantage of this.

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