Who Needs A Mobile Website?

Apr 19

There is a lot of data and studies done on mobile adaption. Below are some relevant insights about who is likely to be the “most suitable candidate” for a mobile website.

Q. Which companies should launch a mobile-friendly version of their website?
A. Companies should look at their website analytics for the percentage of traffic from mobile websites, and more importantly, the growth rate of this percentage.

Q. What kind of demographics are the most likely to use a mobile website?
A. Usually it is the busy, on-the-go-who-live-on their phone types are the ones who are most likely to  use the mobile website.

Q. Who would be most likely to make a purchase on their mobile phones?
A. The most likely population segment is mothers, office workers, young professionals and teens.

Q. What kind of products are mostly likely sold on mobile websites?
A. Repeat purchases such as vitamins and perfumes; last minute gifts such as flowers, chocolates where there isn’t time to wait and shop from home; commodities such as  books and electronics that don’t require a lot of research are the most suitable candidates.

Some quick take-aways :
– mobile shoppers are more interested in finding a deal on a product and are less loyal to any specific brand or store.
– 81% of mobile shoppers who start a checkout process have never shopped with that  merchant, and as a result create a new account via their mobile device.
– the top 5 product categories with the largest percentage of mobile visits to their website, in order of popularity: Baby, Eye wear, Sporting Goods, Watches and Toys.
– the top 5 product categories with the highest mobile phone conversion rates in order: Toys, Home Furnishings, Apparel, Beauty and Eye wear.

Wondering if this applies to you yet? Check your web analytics to see what percentage of your traffic is coming from a mobile device. If it’s getting close to 10% or more, many would say you are already running late!!


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