7 Tips On Getting Higher Facebook Graph Search Rankings

Oct 3

Facebook graph searchEarlier this year  Facebook introduced its version of a search engine – Graph Search.
Information is derived from the user’s social network of friends and connections or beyond, depending on the search. It lets you find people based on certain characteristics, browse specific sets of photos, find local businesses, and discover media and brands your friends enjoy.

Recently,  an update was announced that will enable users to search for conversation topics within status updates, comments and posts.

Just as you want your website to appear on Page 1 of Google, you need to ensure that your page shows up within relevant results of a Facebook Graph Search.

So as a brand,  what can you do on your Facebook Business page to increase and improve your Graph Search rankings?

1. Check your business address
Graph search results are often heavily based on location. If you don’t enter your address on your page, you will not appear for location-based searches.

2. Add important information in key sections
Include important details about your business in the “About,” “Mission” and “Company Description” sections. If your business depends on local traffic, include your physical address and phone number in the “Basic Info” section.

3. Include keywords
Your “About” section on your Facebook page should be treated just like a meta description on your webpage. Look to include keywords most relevant to your product or service in this section. You can also put keywords within status updates and take advantage of Facebook’s new #hashtag system to boost Graph Search visibility as well.

4. Choose the right category
You may have already noticed that Facebook allows you to place your page within specific categories. People then find your company within the Graph Search based on the category that you have selected for you page. It is important that you choose the category that is the best match for your business.

5. Customize your URL
Having a unique URL that has your company name within it helps rankings for both Google Search results, and Facebook Graph Search results.


The part that says “MyCompanyName” is called your username within Facebook. Go to Facebook Username and create your Facebook “vanity” URL.

6. Get more likes
Run contest and promotions that help encourage more people to Like and follow your company’s Facebook page. Comparable to link building within SEO, businesses with lots of followers tend to get better Graph Search rankings.

 7. Encourage sharing of your content
Facebook is more of a social experience than a traditional search experience. Your content must be content that people want to share with their friends. Imagine Graph Search as a net which captures likes, shares and comments. So if your page gets more of these incoming relationships. it will get more easily discovered. The most popular and shared posts on Facebook tend to be the ones that are interactive, engaging and contain useful information.

These seven tips are very practical and easy to do,  yet many are often overlooked. Don’t forget that Facebook is about connecting with people and if your page is found easily, you will be able to connect with more people.



Posting on Facebook needs to be engaging with a view to building a relationship with your audience. We know how to build your brand and get you leads from Facebook. Learn more here or contact us for  information.



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