How Can I Use Twitter To Help My Business?

Feb 19

Twitter is fast, it is conversational and it can help your business. If you get it right, Twitter can be an extremely useful tool for your business. Here’s how:
1) Make sure that your customers can easily find you. Add you Twitter handle to your business cards, your website, your letterheads and your Facebook page. As you work with your customers, tell them you are on Twitter and you provide them with helpful information in case they need anything.
2) Make your tweets helpful, relevant and interesting to your audience – use the conversational voice. Keep a healthy mix of information about your company, what people are saying about it and interesting updates.
3)Set yourself up as an expert in your field. You can answer questions as they come up from your customers. Once you do this on a consistent basis, your customers will use your feeds as an authority in your field. Word will get around…
Social media is an extremely important marketing tool, and if you are not already using it, then you are losing out.


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