How to Get Your Blog To Sell Your Product or Service

Apr 12

Make your blog interesting

Blogs are a great way to promote a business when done properly. But with so may blogs clogging the blogosphere, unless readers are already interested in your products or services, they will not be adding your company’s blog to their bookmarks or RSS reader simply to read bland product announcements or company-related news.

You have to treat your blog less as a promotional tool and more as a venue for original content – one that happens to be attached to the website that sells your product or service.

Entertaining and informative posts are a great way of hooking readers, making them come back for more, and hopefully converting them into customers. Many readers become attached to blogs because of their unique voice, especially if they are humorous and unafraid to share controversial opinions.

If you sprinkle a few humorous anecdotes in your blog, it will certainly help it stand out from the hundreds of boring blogs that are content to cut and paste dry press releases or a bunch of links without any original content.

You want your blog to develop a community of commenters, eager to discuss your posts. “Safe” posts or bland news will not encourage much debate in your comments box. With time and the correct style of prose, your readers may be doing half the work for you by attracting new readers ( and hopefully customers) , and maintaining a lively comments box “back and forth”.


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