Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a mobile friendly website and unfriendly mobile website?
  • Mobile friendly websites are easily viewed by mobile phones with a minimum download time and a minum of scrolling. Many websites that feature flash for example can appear as a black screen of death.

  • Can I convert my existing site to a mobile site?
  • Yes, but we believe this limits your marketing potential to mobile consumers and you may have 2 non-optimal websites, instead of good mobile site and a good internet site. Everything works better when you auto detect a smartphone and redirect them to your mobile site.

  • What about updating my mobile websites?
  • I have a custom feature that I would like to add, is it possible?
  • Send us an email and we can discusss it, we do custom solutions as well.

  • I have a website, why do I need a mobile site?
  • Allow your users to access your site faster through a mobile optimized site. There are more mobile devices than there are desktops today.

  • What's the difference between a mobile site and a regular site?
  • The truth is traditional desktop websites were not designed to be viewed on mobile devices such as cellular phones and pda devices. There is a lot going on behind the background of a desktop site that you don't see happening. Mobile devices do not necessarily support a lot of the technologies that go into making a regular site and if they do, takes a much longer time to load. The longer a site takes to load makes the end-user frustrated, and can cost more in data charges. Not good indeed.

  • I don't have a smartphone so I don't need a mobile website.
  • On the contrary, Fingermarketing sites work amazingly on non-smartphone devices, optimized to load the features required so your customers get the information they need.

  • Do these sites use regular html?
  • Some do, some don't. There are many types of devices that support various types of modified html. Manufacturers also adhere to their own standards. In other words, it is complex and always changing. Our system has taken a lot of the guess work out of the equation, allowing your site to look good on mobile devices.

  • Is my device supported?
  • We support thousands of devices and are frequently updating our database. We are quite sure we have yours :)

  • What is .mobi and do I need to use it?
  • .mobi is the top level domain name used to let the world know that your site is mobile compliant. It may also help search engines in categorizing your site. However there a lot of sites large and small that do not necessarily use it. Some may prefer to use or So no, you are not necessarily required to use a .mobi extension. We will provide you with a free .mobi domain.

  • I don't have a PC site, is it still possible to have a mobile site?
  • Of course! You can use a mobile site as your main site. By going through our signup wizard you will be able to enter the content for the pages you need, and we will put it together for you.

  • I have a multilingual site, can you support it?
  • You can use a foreign language for the text of the site but currently we only support english menus. We are working hard to get our menus working in other languages.

  • Do you plan to add more features?
  • Yes, we are always thinking of new stuff to add, either free or at an extremely affordable price. Most of our new features will be included at no additional charge

  • I have my own domain name, can I use it?
  • We provide you with a free .MOBI domain and will also provide you with some code to redirect mobile users to the .MOBI website. If you are unable to do it we can install it for you for a minimal charge.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • PayPal. Even though we accept PayPal, you are not required to signup for a PayPal account to pay us.

  • What is a mobile website and how is it different from my company's regular website?
  • A mobile website is designed for use on a mobile device such as a cell phone with web browsing capabilities, a "smart phone" such as a Blackberry or an iPhone, or a personal digital assistant (PDA). Mobile websites typically have more basic navigation, fewer images (graphics) and are designed for smaller screens and slower networks.
    A website that is mobile-friendly is one that is optimized for mobile devices and for your customers on the move.

  • How does someone access a mobile site?
  • Using a mobile device, a prospective or current customer will search and find your mobile site in search results or directly type in your mobile web address.

    If someone goes to your company's website from a mobile device, your site should detect it and redirect him to your mobile site. This device detection can also be added into your mobile website; that is, redirect a person to your company's site when using a computer.

  • Will a mobile website have all the features of my company's site?
  • It does not need to have all of the same features of your company's site since the situation of your visitor is very different. Someone who is at your site from a mobile device is on the move and needs to access relevant information fast and easily. A visitor on your company's site is likely using a computer desktop from a home or office.

    Given the different situation of a visitor, your mobile site may add different features that are easier to access than your company's site. For example, you may want to add a click to call button, a map, driving directions and a tell-a-friend button.

  • What do you mean by being in a "different situation"?
  • A visitor to your site on a mobile phone is on the move. That means he does not want to spend a lot of time looking for content he needs right away. After all, a phone is his most personal communications device-- he may get a call while he is using it--and he may not have time to look at a small screen for very long.

    If he visits your company's website on his mobile phone, he most likely will be frustrated because your site does not address his situation.

  • My company's website is not a .com. Will my .info, .net, or .org site have the same issues?
  • Yes.

  • Can I get analytics on my mobile website?
  • Yes. You can also add your Google Analytics ID to your pages if you like.

  • Will my mobile website work on all mobile devices?
  • Yes. Our mobile platform has been tested on practically all devices and all mobile web browsers to ensure it works on all of them. We use the term "practically" because while we work on 5,000+ devices, we know that there are a constantly growing number of mobile devices on the market, with many different operating systems, browsers, and screens. Rest assured, that no other mobile website platform, works on more devices than ours.

  • Is your mobile website development skills any better than other mobile website developers?
  • We think so. Most mobile websites are simply stripped down versions of a company's site through an automated process. This is a mistake in our opinion since you need to take into account the customer's needs and the mobile web. Instead of providing a friendly experience for your potential or current customer, it often leads to frustrating one.

  • Are there advantages to a mobile website in SEO?
  • Yes. Google now separates mobile content from standard web content. In addition, Google has stated a preference for a .mobi. That is why we recommend a domain address.

    With the added weight advantages, your search rankings will perform better. After all, with five mobile devices for every computer, you want to make every effort to stand out in mobile search results.

  • Do I need to change my existing website for this?
  • No. We just need to add some code to redirect mobile users to your .MOBI website

  • Do I need to have you host my mobile website?
  • No. We provide free hosting as part of the package.

    The main advantage of keeping your mobile website files with us is that if you want to make any changes, or use your mobile site as the hub of a mobile marketing effort, it will be much easier to assist you.

  • How long does it take from start to finish to get my mobile website published online?
  • It will take from 2-10 working days depending upon the package you have selected for your mobile website.

  • Why are your prices so affordable?
  • Our objective is to provide you with the best value for your first mobile website. Therefore, we handle your domain name and hosting services at our expense, rather than having you to pay $100+ from another vendor.

  • Why should I be interested in mobile marketing?
  • Mobile marketing is more than three times more effective on consumer purchase intent than Internet marketing. It is inexpensive and it gets results. We strongly recommend that you test a text messaging and/or mobile advertising effort. If you are too busy running your business, then please contact us and we will assist you.

  • I have a website for my company, but I need to update it. Do you build websites?
  • Currently we only focus on mobile websites. We can do some SEO work on your current website. Please contact us for further details.